Guatemala City

After a few days in Antigua we all headed to Guatemala City. We stayed in a hostel for 2 weeks with our group of 18 along with 6 other students doing a different gap year program. Our group was planning on starting our home stays in Guatemala City however there were not enough families willing to take us in. As this was an unusual situation for TBB it posed a few challenges. Living quarters were tight and it was often difficult to get “alone-time”. Our living situation received the nick name of the compound as there was a lock to get in and out.  Although living in close quarters proved to be a challenge it forced us to become even closer.

Transitioning to Guatemala City was difficult at first, I think it finally started to hit me that I was leaving my comftorable bubble of orientation. For our work site we worked with a sustainability company where we cleaned trails and finished our two weeks by visiting an elementary school where we taught kids about the environment. Outside of work site we did a driving tour of the city which was really interesting. Guatemala is separated into around 20 zones where each zone is complelety different from the next. We also went to a women’s house and learned how to make chocolate from cacoa beans. Between afternoon seminars and working in the morning we were given a large amount of free time. A majority of that time was spent walking to near by bakeries and exploring the city.








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