We have been staying in a smaller, more rural community for the past few weeks called Tecpán. I am living with a host family and Yasmin. (another student on the porgram) Our host family is incredibly sweet, it has been so much fun learning from them and how their lives differ from our own. The food has been really good- we eats lots of beans and eggs and of course tortillas! Lunch is usually the main meal and dinner is pretty light. In the mornings we have been working on a local farm. We generally weed plants, hoe, or use machetes to cut down more weeds! In the afternoons we have had seminars where we have dicussed sustainability and agriculuture in Guatemala. We are also given time to work on our media projects. My group is  focusing on waste management in Guatemala, we have been gathering information through interviews and research and working on formulating our final project.

Our weekends are generally free- last weekend we visited the organization where our host mom works called Somos Juntos, the organization focuses its efforts on under served families in Guatemala. On the property all of the houses were created from Ecobricks which compose of plastic bottles and trash. I had never seen anything like this before and it was really cool to see waste being used in such a creative way.

We have about one more week with our host families until we head off for our enrichment week in Tikal and Semuc Champey.







IMG_2840 (1).jpg

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