Acatenango Volcano Overnight hike

This past weekend we were given 4 days to plan our own trip for our Independent Student Travel. The planning process was a little stressful as we had no idea what we were doing but it all ended up working out!! There were 3 groups in total, the other 2 groups went to beaches and we thought it would be a good idea to summitt the third tallest volcano in central america. It was definitley worth it but also physically exhausting. We started our trip in Antigua which is about 1.5 hr bus ride from Tecpan. We spent one night in a really nice hostil and then got up the next morning and took a bus to the base. We quickly entered a sharp decline and I think we were all a little out of breath within the first 30 seconds. Luckly we had an amazing guide who was motivating us all the way up. He mentioned that he has hiked the Volcano over 50 times!!! The first stage of the hike was through corn fields and then there was a quick transition to the forest. There were beautiful views from the start! It was great to meet people along the trail from all around the world. After the forest we started making our way into the clouds and everything became more barren and open around us. The temperature quickly dropped and we experienced a little rain. We finally go to our camp site after 7 hours of trekking and all we could see were clouds and the erupting volcano in front of us called Fuego. We sat by the fire all night and watched the Lava run down the side of the Volcano. It was probably one of the craziest things I have ever seen! After a while the clouds began to clear and were able to get good views of the cities surrounding the base. After a few hours of sleep we got up at 4am to reach the summit. It took us about 2 more hours to get to the top in the pitch black, it was extremely steep and there was a large drop off on one side. The sand was also extremely loose which made every step that much harder. Finally when we got to the top we were able to watch the sunrise which was incredible. We walked around the entire crater and had amazing views of all of the neighboring cities and the lake that we stayed at during orientaion. As we finished up at the top we witnessed the majority of the people procedding to RUN down the volcano. We decided to give it a try and only had a few face plants along the way. We ended up running down a good portion of the Volcano which made the time pass by very quickly, it tooks us lest then 3 hours to get down.

The rest of our time was spent in Antigua relaxing at the hostil and exploring new restaurants and cafes. Although planning proved to be challenging I think it was great learning experience and everything couldn’t have gone smoother in the end!

IMG_0619 (2).jpg




IMG_0665 (1).jpg

IMG_0671.jpgIMG_0657 (1).jpg

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