Traveling from Guatemala to Thailand was not easy… we took 4 flights in a row, the longest being 14 hours from LAX to Manila. It was an exhausting few days and I definitely lost all sense of time. Starting Monday morning, we took 2 flights during the day and began our 14 hour flight that night. I think we skipped all of Tuesday because of time change and ended up getting to Bangkok some time on Wednesday morning. All the details of traveling ran pretty smoothly except me and Caroline decided to use our global entry to skip the customs lines but then got separated from the group for a solid 45 min. We wondered the airport for a while until we were finally reunited with everyone. After getting to Bangkok I was exhausted but forced my self to stay up to avoid jet lag. We stayed in a hotel for 4 nights where we had orientation to Thailand. We took Thai lessons and learned about the culture. I learned that Thai is an extremely difficult language to learn. The culture is very different from what I have ever experienced and I find myself comparing it to Guatemala more then the United States. In between orientation we were able to explore Bangkok. My favorite part was all of the stationary and pen stores. We were also able to go to some really good restaurants. (I am a big fan of Thai food!!!) We also took a boxing class which was a lot of fun. Our last day in Bangkok we spent going to temples which were so beautiful and colorful. It was very very hot and crowded but worth it. We also saw the famous reclining Buddha which was my favorite part of the day. After we took a boat across the river to an out door market. We had the afternoon off and we decided to go the famous backpackers street called Khao San road. I don’t think I have ever seen so many tourists in my life but it was fun to look around at all the stands. For our last dinner in Bangkok we went back to that same street and by accident made a reservation for our entire group at a club…. the music was blasting the entire time. I don’t think I have ever eaten Pad Thai in club before but I guess  there is a first for everything. Overall I am loving Thailand. Having never traveled to Asia before everything is very new and exciting!!!


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