End of Tecpan/ Enrichment Week

It was sad to leave Guatemala but at the same time I was ready for a change in pace. We had  a going away ceremony with all of our host families where we were able to share our media projects. My group’s project was on waste management in Guatemala. We created a slide show of pictures we had taken in Tecpan along with a voice over in the background of our information. Our family was crying the morning we left and it was sweet to see how much they were going to miss us. After leaving Tecpan we headed out on enrichment week which is basically a week-long vacation before heading to our next core country. We spent most of the week driving to different places as we stayed in 3 different areas of Guatemala through out the week. Our first destination was Coban and from there we were able to take a day trip to Semuc Champey. It was gorgeous and we hiked to the top of a lookout spot where we were able to see the blue waterfalls. After we could swim in the water and slide down the natural water slides. After leaving Coban we went to Flores. (about a 6 hour drive) We spent our time in Flores visiting different Mayan ruins. We went to smaller ruins the first day and we were able to hike to the top of a temple to watch the sun set over the water. The next morning we woke up at 2:35 am to drive to Tikal. We walked through the dark with howler monkeys around us to watch the sunrise over the jungle. It was probably one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. We were able to watch the jungle “wake up” as the sun started coming up over the trees. Our third and final destination of enrichment week was Rio Dulce. We only stayed for 2 nights but it was really cool to see. Our hotel was right on the river and we took a boat to Livingston which is in the Carribean. It felt kinda weird to be in that part of Guatemala, we were able to see Belize from where we were eating lunch. We took a boat back to our hotel with beautiful views the entire time. The next day we drove to Guatemala City where we spent the night in a hotel before flying to Thailand. We spent our last night in Guatemala City eating at El Pinche. (Our favorite Guatemalan chain) It was a good farewell dinner but also a sad good bye.

IMG_2858IMG_2880IMG_1195 (1)IMG_2898IMG_2909IMG_2920IMG_2928IMG_2965IMG_2967IMG_2978

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