Klong Jinda

We headed about an hour outside of Thailand into our first homestay. We were immediately welcomed into our new home and quickly assimilated into a completely different lifestyle then we were used too. We had 2 host sisters (21 and 23) and a host mother and father. We shared a drive way with Matty and Seb so we ended up spending a lot of free time with them. Our nights would be filled with delicious meals that were eaten on the floor, kareoke, and walks to the beautiful temple across the street. During the day the 6 members of TBB living in our community worked at an English camp. We spend 4 hours teaching 7th and 8th grade students different phrases and vocabulary in English. We were given complete freedom to plan the lessons which proved to be a challenge. After work site we would head to the seminar space where we began our education unit. It was interesting to be learning about education while volunteering at a local school.

We spent Thanksgiving at a local mall and had dinner as a group where we exchanged what we were grateful for. Overall I really enjoyed my time in Klong Jinda and it was a really hard good bye. It made me realize how much I enjoy learning about completely novel cultures.


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